A portrait of Arun Chaganty

I am the AI lead of the Conversations team at Square, Inc. Prior to our acquisition, I was the Head of AI at Eloquent Labs, a conversational AI company building chat bots for customer service. Not that long ago, I graduated with a PhD in computer science at Stanford University, working with Percy Liang and the Stanford NLP group. If you'd like to reach out to me, just shoot me an email at chaganty@cs.stanford.edu.

Resume: [pdf], [template] Twitter: @arunchaganty GitHub: arunchaganty

Research Interests

I believe any functional future of the world will need natural language technology to make it easier for people to understand and consume information. I care about how we can bring greater transparency, accountability and fairness in voice through information summarization. To achieve these goals, we need to rethink how we evaluate our models and my more recent work seeks to address this problem using a mix of statistics, crowdsourcing and natural language processing.

In the past, I have worked on providing guarantees for learning latent variable models, probabilistic programming, statistical relational learning and hierarchical reinforcement learning.

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