A Run, a Chase and a Promise.

Last Sunday (because I'm terribly slow with these things), I ran my first authentic 10K1, in roughly 58 minutes. It felt great. I had the most "flow" I've ever had while running, and my infernal (and eternal) cold shut up for once. I've long tried to associate my running with summoning the will to achieve something (usually my research work). I certainly hoped that this would hark a new wave of awesome. Unfortunately, the analogy proved to be ephemeral, as is the case with most analogies. Right now, a more apt analogy would be chasing my own tail, for that's all I seem to be doing (instead of, say, chasing an ICML deadline). I have reached a new level of stagnancy in my professional life, seeking even to run rather than do (any) work2.

As a result, I have decided to hold myself accountable to the fair readers of this blog (if there exist any) and post weekly updates on my accomplishments, or lack thereof. As you should have surmised by now, I don't have any updates for the week gone by. This will change. Promise.

  1. I ran the Hyderabad 10K once in my 9th/10th class, but my dear friend Brighu Sasson was quick to point out that it was more like an 8.5K.

  2. Ah, the machinations of the human spirit; struggle enough at something, and you'll start to enjoy it.