Childhood Dreams

I've recently watched Randy Pauch's last lecture (I know, I'm behind the times). It was amazingly inspirational, and couldn't have been delivered better. It also got me thinking about my own childhood dreams and I realised that if I don't pen them down somewhere, I'll forget them or manipulate them. So here's a list of my childhood dreams (as best as I remember them) in no particular order:

  1. Be an archaeologist and dig up some dinosaur bones (I was a huge dinosaur fan...).
  2. Get into MIT (this was a semi-promise I made to Mr. Derek Mosser, my 4th standard teacher, before I actually knew what that entailed).
  3. Compose and play live a blues piece similar to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Vinnie Moore.
  4. Do Jackie Chan-level stunts (if I recall correctly, this was back when I was horribly fat but not willing to acknowledge the fact).
  5. Be a Jedi Knight.
  6. Write a novel.

The list isn't as long as I had thought, but good god, I have no idea how to achieve any of them. This is an extremely meme-able topic, so I'd love to see anyone else's list. Finally, I'd request you all to please comment, my blog is getting lonely :-P.