Summer Weekend

Technically, it's 3 weekends into summer, but I consider this my "first", since it's the only one where I've had time for myself. A brief summary ensues.

San Diego Beach

This Saturday, we managed to get ourselves down to the beach (just barely mind you). Before I jump ahead, "ourselves" is Nachiketas (from IIT KGP), Gauri Joshi (from IIT Bombay), Kishore Jaganathan (from IIT Madras) and myself. It began on a pretty bad note with an unprecedented lack of coordination (read 2 hour synchronisation mis-match). The beaches were nice. Not being a "beach" person, I really don't know what more to say. Having a soft spot of water bodies, I found the ocean simply breathtaking, and had a ear-to-ear smile for most of that part of the trip. Few random strew of words to describe the rest of the trip: creepy bulbous green sea plants, Burger King, long bus rides, arbit pointless trolley ride (we went around in a circle just for the heck of it), cooking rice.

Vimjuta: Status update

I've been cycle-stealing some time to get Vimjuta up and running again. Currently, I'm reworking the Anjuta patches. I have some partial success, and I owe a lot of it to the awesomeness that is git. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm currently working with 3 branches (master, hashtable and editor-multiple). Git makes it really easy to switch between the three, and keeping them more or less in sync. I pull in changes into master, move into hashtable (which is one big leap of changes), fix any problems, and then move into editor-multiple (which bases off hashtable). And if I have any pending changes before this process, I just "git stash" them (and later git stash apply to pop them off the "stash stack"). I've really warmed into the git workflow. The good news is I have the Anjuta side of things seemingly done right. And I have a way to make it easy for you to check these patches out.

I've hosted my version of anjuta on github here: I've also decided to migrate Vimjuta to github from Google Code. You can find that here: Oh, yeah, I've officially renamed it to Vimjuta from the boring "anjuta-gvim". If you want to use my patches, all you need to do is:

git clone git://
git checkout editor-multiple

The latter command is to go to the editor-multiple branch. And voila you're done. Furthermore, if you already have a local git copy of anjuta, you just have to do this:

git branch editor-multiple (for cleanliness)
git pull git:// editor-multiple

Yes folks, it's that easy. Please help me out and play around with my version of Anjuta. If anything crashes please attach a bug report to Bug #529676. Note however that Vimjuta per-se doesn't work yet. The patches above have made a lot of changes to the "EditorMultiple" interface that I introduced to Anjuta (infinite thanks to Sebastien Granjoux for reviewing my earlier set of patches), and now Vimjuta's code needs some fidgeting to get it working again. Expect another post in a few days with more details on that.