It's a Friday evening, when you hear, the careless whispers
     Looking around, bewildered, you see but a cat's whiskers
Turning 'round the bend, to find a voice you swear you'd heard,
   The street is empty, save for a fence and its lonely lonesome bird
Walking solemn, walking slight, a crackling cackle gives you a fright
   Yet, behind you there is naught a sight?
Turn around, whence you came,
    sprint a sprint, for walking's lame,
And as you stop to catch your breath,
    there's only silence upon your wreath.
Shut the door and door the shutters,
     no more will you be troubled by its stuttering stutters.
And when the night is nigh,
      beneath your covers, sigh a sigh.
In your dreams you'll see the truth,
    and make believe what was, was for sooth!
What made the murmurs murmur,
    was just the zoo's giant le(r)mur
And the mumbling mumbles,
     oh, a baby with the grumbles
Only one thing could've made those cantankerous peals,
     the laughter, it must've come from the circus seals!
Now that that's been put to rest,
     it's time this mattress was put to test!