A Day in Monterey

I've come here to find some answers, but find questions instead.

I sit upon a bench, my feet, they itch to leave the world behind. Life these days; so much choice, yet all kitsch And today, when to answers I've devoted my mind, starring into the distance but asks me questions to twitch. Oh, what I'll prove, my fingers eagerly twitch I'll find the answers, apply my mind But not today, I'm lost in a X, thoughts are kitsch

My jacket flutters in the cool breeze. In the calm serenity, meditation beckons me. The theorems I set out to prove will yet find their answers. Here, now, I lose myself to questions.

(Theme: slice into these questions from looking at the world)



Waves and plants

A fleet of birds swoop down, kissing the waves as they fly by A white albatross emerges from the horizon long wings spread out, a single flap carries it across the shore whilst its caws roll in before receding.

A squirrel hops around in circles, Its tail flits from side to side. Here it nibbles on grass, there it sniffs questioningly, searching for something, I haven't the voice to ask "What?"

The bright blue bed of ice plants reminds me of an alien world.

All in the quiet backdrop of the sea Gentle waves breaking the silence in the gentlest of ways A whisper to keep you calm A whisper to that keeps you alarmed.

I forget the theorems I had set out to prove But am reminded same. static equillibrium. All the down at long last. Dynamic equillibirum, and of this universal truth. To learn, to understand, there is always a question. Be it in how the waves work, or why the algorithms settle And always the quest for answers.