Left Unsaid

There is, bubbling inside me,
  Something I must tell you.
But you seem busy;
  I'll wait, no worries,
It's just a matter of timing, you see,
  And patient waiting is no stranger to me.

What needed doing is finally done,
  The ships have set sail. In the twilight,
You seem tired, justifiably so.
  I'll wait, no worries,
The bubbles can bubble over -
  Nothing I haven't handled before

Waves come of the morning tide,
  Wash ashore dead wood, left at sea;
In your eyes, distress I see,
  Tell me of the distant shores
As I push you adrift knowing,
  One day, you'll come back for me

The water has finally rocked itself asleep
  And the calm that follows, bliss.
For once I see in you peace, solitary;
  However fraught this moment may be,
A lake amidst a vast ocean.
  In my silence, this silence I'll share.

Time will take its own course
  One day this ship will run aground
O'er bubbled waters
  There was once a thing bubbling inside of me
In a time since gone by,
  It was a matter of timing, you'll see.