A light trickle, bathed in sunlight, sparkles
  Flowing silently through the pebbles,
Dip... Dip... Counting time as it falls
  A light trickle, bathed in sunlight sparkle

A gentle breeze, enchanted with fragrances
  Gliding gracefully through the leaves,
Shh... Unheeded it drifts on, oh time,
  A gentle breeze, enchanted with fragrances

An undulating wave, ever-steady in it's to-fro,
  Gently beating against the shoreline,
Whoosh... Unwavering in it's repetition, lo! time,
An undulating wave, ever-steady in it's to-fro,

I'm not entirely sure what made me write this, since I had intended something entirely different. Time has never been so peaceful or friendly; perhaps it's a subconscious prayer that it will be so. Anyways, go random thought-flow hijacking.

On the other hand, I'm pretty happy with the flow of the words. Though it is a bit repetitive, I enjoy what my subconscious is trying here (though I'm not sure you do). Credits go to Zen Buddhist temples1 and Rob Costlow, since I'm pretty sure his music was responsible for the hijack.

  1. Incidentally, that is "Kinkaku-ji", the Golden Pavilion (obviously named), where I've been to 2-3 times. It's as beautiful as shown in the pictures, and so very peaceful. On an entirely unrelated note, Japanese girls are fascinated by saris, and my mom was mobbed here by such a group.