Archipelagos of Regret

The flotsam and jetsam your life's left lying
   The many paths you wish you'd taken
Some less travelled, some more trodden,    
  Those layers of dust have set thick

The apologies left unsaid; universal and undirected    
  The hearts hurt, the grief begotten
Every moment a little bit of you crumbles away
   Something you can never put together again

The unambitious pursuit of ambition,
   Blind stumbling of one so naive
The vortices that pull you in deeper
   And cause eddies of inner turmoil

Storming forth, you stride through the unknown
   Heedless, unwary of what you stand on,
Praying that it be solid ground and not merely illusion
   And you dare not look behind.

What have you done?
   Where did you lose sight of yourself?
Who do you think you are?
  Why oh why?

You can only pray that 'tis not too late
   And when you find it is, then
You can only pray that you've left behind breadcrumbs;
   That you can still bridge these Archipelagos of Regret.