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East Palo Alto

| I was sitting at the corner of Cowper and University, | when a red Corolla pulled in, windows down | A black man shouted, "Yo, where's EPA, man?" | I looked into his eyes, ignoring his smirk. | | Where's East Palo Alto? | It's in your face. | It's in the dents of your car | It's in the backseat where you're clothes are | Because some yuppies bought your house for a rent that's twice your monthly income. | | Where's East Palo Alto? | It's in the jails of this country, | It's in the blood on the pavements | It's under the sheets in the morgue. | | Where's East Palo Alto? | It's behind the counters at the ice cream shop, | It's in the old eyes of the young girl who hasn't slept in days | To pay the bills of an education loan that promised a job but didn't. | | Where's East Palo Alto? | It's 9-5 in the corridors of your office. PM to AM. | When you can't see their faces, and the abuse they face. | | Where's East Palo Alto? | All I could say was, down the road, | The one all of us are on. | To which, he replied, I know man, just playin' wid ya.